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Twist! Cloud Websites as a Service
Turn-key, always current and delivering measurable value.
Some business owners are surprised when we tell them that their website is actually custom software. They might initially think that their website is truly different than an accounting application, sales software, or other application.

If this is you, we'd like to convince you otherwise. Please consider the definition of a custom software application. It has:

  • ...a custom user interface (your unique brand, look and feel)

  • ...a unique target audience (the people you want to attract, and possibly your customers)

  • ...a designed user experience (how you want it to feel and behave)

  • ...the functions you want to offer (reading, comparing, contacting, contact)

  • ...a security model (no login required or possibly a member sign-in)

  • ...a purpose (to generate new leads / awareness)

Your website has all of these elements. That's why we believe it's custom software!

Some businesses have the resources to design and manage a website. However, when you look at most sites only six months after they launch, it becomes apparent that a large group of businesses do not have the discipline or expertise to keep their site current and performing at a high level.

That's why we create and manage Twist! Cloud Websites as a Service. We use the same care and professionalism to deliver websites as we do Custom Software as a Service.

We create your website for much less cost and more functionality that you can imagine. We'll also contract with you to keep the site current, to create new posts and content. Lastly, we'll market your site and building it's visibility. The Twist! engine has built-in web analytics so you can follow along as we do our work. Please contact today if you'd like to find out about Websites as a Service.