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How Does Custom SaaS Differ From Traditional Custom Software?
Virtually Everything is Different!

TopicTraditional Custom SoftwareTwist! Custom Software as a Service
Time to DeployMonths or Years. Often much longer than planned.Much faster to deploy, test and use.
SpecificationCustomer is expected to know exactly what they want and need.Customer works from what is already built and only specifies what is unique or different.
ModificationsCan be very expensive and time consuming.Twist! Custom SaaS was built to minimize the cost and technical challenges with modifications
RiskIn the best case traditional custom software project success rates are only 60%. They fail 40% of the time!.Twist! Custom SaaS solutions are built to use very small project sizes and the Twist! MiniWaterFall(tm) methodology. We will guarantee your return on investment. Please ask for details.
CostTraditional custom software has a reputation for being very expensive and almost ALWAYS over budget. Final costs of 200% to 400% of original budget are not uncommon.Because of all of the reasons listed above, custom software as a service is MUCH less expensive. Upfront costs are lower, ongoing costs are synchronized with ongoing benefits. Twist! Cloud can deliver Custom SaaS at a discount of 30% to 70% of traditional custom software.